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Lychens Art Studio

Labrynth Worm

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Just a worm for your collection. Bad at directions, but a wonderful husband, this little cutie would make any Labyrinth fan smile.

(ok, here’s my conspiracy theory. So, I think the real villain is the worm. Hear me out, think of all the goblins hanging about. Meaning that many Jennifer Connellys went searchin for Tobys. And it’s not like any of them were like, oh I’m just here for crumpets with Bird Hat guy on the south lawn. Jareth up in that castle like, I mean I know it’s a laaaaaabrynth but what is taking them so long, and that’s when he starts oblietting them, cause he’s bored. Annnnywho)

Options Available:


1 inch Metal Sublimated Pin, Rubber Back 

2 inch Metal Sublimated Fridge Magnet

2 inch Metal Sublimated Keychain

4 inch Wooden Sublimated Coaster

3 Inch Vinyl Sticker