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Lychens Art Studio

Last Unicorn Fights the Bull with Villian Frame

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Gift Set for the Last Unicorn Fan

How much did we love the Last Unicorn?! (They also did Flight of Dragons which was amazing and I HIGHLY suggest you watch it!)

To compliment my Molly Grue and Schmendrick the Magician Listings I wanted to share this nod to our wonderful Villians. (Mommy Fortuna is going to get her own bit of magic soon).

The Last Unicorn, having transformed back from being Lady Almathea and seeing Prince Lear wounded on the sand, finds the courage to fight back. She drives the Red Bull into the sea freeing her fellow Unicorns whose escape crumbles Haggards castle onto the sea. The Unicorns are now free.

Options Available:


1 inch x 2 inch Metal Sublimated Pin, Rubber Back 

2 inch x 3 inch Metal Sublimated Fridge Magnet

2 inch x 3 inch Metal Sublimated Keychain

4 inch x 4 inch Wooden Sublimated Coaster

2x3 Inch Vinyl Sticker